Welcome Synthetic Biology User!

This site is obsolete: please go to the current TASBE Flow Analytics GitHub page. If you want the Proto BioCompiler, an archival copy is available

Welcome to the TASBE Synthetic Biology Tools site.

You can use the tools on this site either as an anonymous guest user or as a registered user.

  • To work as a guest user, log in with username "guest" and password "guest".
    Guests have full access to all tools, but their data and results are visible to all other guest users.
  • If you register for an account, then you can use the tools privately, with your data held securely from all other users.

The following tools analysis tools are in alpha testing:

Slides explaining in detail both the background concepts and the use of these tools are available in PDF and PowerPoint.
You can also find Characterization Workflow Documentation explaining how these tools work, and details on interpreting and debugging their results.
The Proto BioCompiler is also available. This tool generates optimized genetic regulatory network designs from specifications written in a high-level programming language. A thorough explanation of the BioCompiler can be found in this paper.

Please email bbn-bbn-tasbe AT rlist.app.ray.com for support and suggestions.